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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Return of the Crimson Blades!

The Crimson Blades have returned!!!!

With a lovely new colour scheme...

For years my Space Marines have been a slightly amateurish bright red with gloss varnish and little shading. I have never been happy with them but have experimented with LOADS of different colours and never been happy either.

But on the other hand I wanted to keep the name and background of my home-grown Crimson Blades. How to remedy this was something I pondered for bloody years.

Until now.

This new look feels more realistic to me and certainly looks better. Also it uses proper shading techniques rather than the dodgy gloss varnish method of yesteryear.

I am very pleased overall and am really looking forward to their first game (which is going to be a majot turning point in my storyline).

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