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Monday, 20 August 2012

Army Showcase: Grey Knights!

I finally finished my Grey Knights army and what better way to celebrate than with an army showcase blog!

Let's start off the festivities with Brother Captain Stern.

Who I kind of hate.

Moving swiftly on we have a Grey Knight Strike Squad! These are mostly the old style Grey Knights but they still hold their own despite their somewhat limited poses.

My Purifiers are my favourite unit. I've outfitted them with Nemesis Falchions to maximise their attacks and with their psychic fire blast thingie, they should be able to tackle hordes fairly easily.

The Terminators form the last segment of my infantry. Just a bunch of nice models...

Avid readers will have seen this dude a couple of times before. He's big. He's got a big hammer. Not much more I can say.

And the Dread Knight. I'm really curious to see how this guy fares in the game. I've owned him for over a year and have be wondering very hard about that the whole time!

And last but not least, the centre piece.

The Stormraven.

I didn't like this model at first, but now I've painted my own I have to say I like it a lot. It passed the top test of miniature quality: whether I put it by my bed on the night I painted it.

I can report that I did.

This is going to ship my Purifiers and Dreadnought into the thick of the fighting then knock out a few enemy vehicles.

I have to paint 2 drop pods and 10 more Space Marines but when I'm done you'll be seeing this lovely force in action.

Stay tuned!

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