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Friday, 25 February 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON... The Covert Obliterator

Part of my Space marine Deinosus army, the Covert Obliterator is a medium dispersal scout unit comprised of a bipedal xenoform mounted with a stable firing platform, manned by a single Hunter. The platform is equipped with a wide range of heavy and special weaponry capable of dealing with any target that presents itself. Each weapon is mounted on an easy-access rail so that the Hunter can switch between them as the need arises.
Ranging ahead of the rest of the army, the Covert Obliterator scouts out enemy positions and troop movements, communicating details back to his direct command.
Once a suitable ambush strike point is established, the Covert Obliterator goes to ground, maintaining camouflage until needed. The unit is equipped for lone field status for long periods and will wait until it is tactically advantageous to reveal itself.
Game Rules
The idea here was to have a Space Marine dinosaur model to function in the game as a Chaos Space Marine Obliterator. An Obliterator deep strikes, represented here by the Covert Obliterator lying in ambush until the time is right to strike. And they can change their bodies to produce one of a wide variety of special and heavy weapons. The idea here was to give him a rack of different weapons that he can swing up into position as the need arises. When he’s done with one it drops back down out of position.

Making the Model
This model was a work of love that used up such a large stock from my bitz box that although I’d love to make a couple more I am reluctant to. Maybe one day I will.
He has armour plates made from thick cardboard bent over. The bracket holding the Hunter model in place is part of an Imperial Guard dozer blade. The wires and tubes were real wire from an electrical shop. There’s also an Imperial Guard radio and a petrol can (most likely filled with gruel).

A lone deep striking Obliterator is always a tricky model to use well. There’s a propensity with deep strikers to land close to the enemy but this is sometimes a bad idea, especially for this model.
Like with the Raptor Riders, the thing is to hold him back while assessing where he is needed most. Here’s the best tip: Decide what your priority targets are then deep strike him so that he is close to maximum range on his required weapon. That way, hopefully, you can shoot what you need to shoot while limiting return fire.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spotlight On... The Forge World Necron Tomb Stalker

And now a word from a friend of mine…
I’ve been playing against Rob for a couple of years now and not only is he a nice guy he has an annoying habit of beating me.
Rob is an independent stockiest (which was how we met originally) and sells very reasonably miniatures from his site Warscape Forty K.

The first time I heard that Forge World were bringing out a Necron tomb stalker I had to have one, if you know Necrons you know why a close combat unit like the stalker is a must. Last year’s Games Day (2010) at the NEC was the first time i saw the Necron tomb stalker and boy did it look good. The guys at Forge World had painted it so it looked like chrome and they put the stalker on a Tau piranha so it look as if the stalker was running over the downed piranha, at that point i had to have one.  

I asked for the Necron tomb stalker as a birthday present and was over the moon to get one. as I started to unpacking the stalker i realized that it was going to take all my modelling knowhow to make it. I’ve always  been told that Forge Word models can be tricky to make because of the resin and the washing needed before painting. None of that was a problem. It was the stalker’s multi parts that had to be glued together and held in position which was the problem. 

This was the first model that I’ve build from the base up. I wanted the Necron tomb stalker to look like it was coming over a mound of earth and attacking its enemy. I had to build the base then build the stalker over the contours of the mound of earth and at this point it got very interesting. As you can imagine trying to get the correct pose and making sure all the body parts and legs stayed in the correct place was a nightmare. But after a lot of blood sweat and tears I eventually finished it. I’ve now had a few games with the Necron tomb stalker and it’s a good unit to have and at 195 points isn’t too expensive.

 Thanks Rob!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Machinations of the Genestealer Cult

The Genestealer Cult have been manipulating events on Valorax for some time.

Now, at last, we can find out the full background of this insidious organisation...

Go to the Enemies of Valorax page to check it out.

The excellent conversion on the last page isn't mine by the way. But it is amazing!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Spotlight On... Raptor Riders


Raptor Riders are members of the Crimson Blade’s Deinosus Battle Company – a company of loyalist marines utilising dinosaurs in the attack.

The Raptor Riders of the Crimson Blades are highly experienced scouts and close combat specialists but their principle role is that of a fast response unit.

Raptor Riders are principally held behind Marine lines as Captain Wulf assesses the enemy strength and points of attack. With the strong points established, the Raptor Riders dart forward to meet the enemy where they are most needed.

Equipped both for hand to hand wetwork and anti-tank precision melta-strikes, the Riders are fully prepared to turn the tide of battle at the critical point.

Making the Models

The models were made from Dark Elf cold ones with Tactical Space Marine bodies. All that was required was to bend the legs out a little to get them to fit on – no tricky sculpting beyond that. A knife slit in the crotch (sounds painful) helped to bend them out. I based them on round Terminator bases as cavalry looks a lot nicer that way.

Game Rules

The Deinosus Battle Company is based around the rules for Chaos Space Marines. This is a good technique for creating a new army. The models can be as whacky as you like as long as they are based on points and stats of existing models.

Raptor Riders count as Chaos Space Marine Bikers.


The Raptors are equipped with two meltaguns, both for taking out vehicles and knocking out heavy infantry. Having two meltaguns gives an almost guaranteed destroyed result as long as targets fall within range. The power sword and plasma pistol of the veteran sergeant are also very handy to take out armoured opponents in close combat.

It’s always tempting with “bikers” to send them rushing forward. I DON’T do that with these guys. I hold them back behind my lines and send them in to where they are needed after the bolts start flying. That way the enemy doesn’t prioritise this expensive but good unit. Also the enemy vehicles are given time to move into melta range while my guys are still alive.

By holding them back and applying them carefully, this unit can be very very successful.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

On Dark Wings

Dark Eldar v Necrons | Tim v Rob | 40k | 45 | 101.997.M41

One faction had yet to appear in the Valorax Crucible but they had long been watching the planet.

As always, their agenda was multi-faceted and yet to be revealed but the first target of that mission was based in the ruined town of Frostgate, not far from the Freeze and close to the Necron Tomb Complex.

Too close to the Necron Tomb Complex.

As the Dark Eldar moved through the frozen city their sharp senses detected dozens of metallic footsteps echoing amongst the ruins along with the fizz of gauss weaponry.

They fanned out immediately, readying their splinter weapons. They had hoped to avoid contact of this nature but they were ready for it nonetheless.

The Necrons came into view and the Dark Eldar took up position in cover, shooting through windows and cracks in the masonry. The Necrons were completely undeterred. Their objective was to cleanse the area of all resistance. They did not even use what available cover there was. To them, the victory was already determined, calculated to encompass all possible variables.

Except they hadn’t taken into account the wild card nature of Dark Eldar tactical acumen.

The Dark Eldar gave fire, redeployed and gave fire again. The silver warriors did their best to fight back but they lacked the speed to deal with the subtle feints and withdrawals.

In less than an hour, every Necron warrior was a sparking ruin and barely half a dozen Dark Eldar warriors had been injured. The dark ones held the battlefield and that left them free to pursue that agenda.

They moved off through the ruins, leaving the broken metallic shells behind them, leaving no clue to the real reason for their presence there.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Ordo Hereticus

A complete background to the forces of the Ordo Hereticus, most frightening of the orders of the Inquisition, has now been posted on the Enemies of valorax page.

Check it out HERE.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Postponed Alliance

Orks & Chaos v Crimson Blades | Tim v Gill | Space Crusade | 44 | 099.997.M41

Elsewhere in Escavar, close to the Castle of Mourning, secret base of the Good People, stood a massive warehouse complex. It was here that Nob’Rod of the Shaggin’ Dogz and Archmage Übel met to discuss an alliance. Security forces from both factions filled the warehouse as they sat down to discuss terms.

Lord Übel had instigated the meeting. The Orks were a destestable race but until his power base was consolidated they would prove a useful distraction if aimed in the correct directions. For his part, Nob’Rod was more hesitant. The Ork perspective didn’t require the security of an alliance as long as there was killing to be had but he was open to hear what terms the Chaos Space Marines had on offer.

Before the details could in any way be finalised however, the outer doors of the warehouse were breached in three places simultaneously. At each entry point, a Crimson Blades infiltration squad took ground, eliminating all resistance.

News of the attack immediately went to the conference chamber and the negotiation broke. “We’ll finish this later,” whispered Übel.

“We’ll see,” snarled Nod’Rod, strapping himself into his mega armour and charging out the door.

Each faction split off, forming a pincer and moving down through the building toward the approaching marines but nothing could prevent the infiltration squads cutting their through everything sent down to meet them.

Archmage Übel confronted one of the squads with his Thousand Son space marines trying to clear a path but each one was cut down and he was forced to withdraw, wounded, abandoning the alliance... for now.

Nob’Rod didn’t fare much better. Marines were eliminated by the waves of Orks and Gretchin he sent in but it was clear he was at risk from a closing fist. Like the Chaos Sorcerer he withdrew rather than risk a fight he could not hope to win, but the sign of weakness was noted by his boyz.

Perhaps this was a sign that the Shaggin’ Dogz required new leadership.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Survivors in Escavar

Escavar Mavericks v Daemons of Khorne | Tim v Gill | Space Hulk | 43 | 095.997.M41

One month had passed since the Calamity of Escavar had wiped out almost all life in the ruins of the former capital city and now in the wake of the Daemon Storm, horrific daemons crawled through the shattered buildings, spreading corruption to everything they touched where once Tyranids had lurked and crawled.

In all that time there had been no sign of the Escavar Mavericks.

Until now.

How some had survived, no one outside the ruined city could know, but survive they did.

A platoon of Mavericks crept through the shattered buildings, assessing the strength of the daemonic infestation, conducting reconnaissance for the bulk of the force, still in hiding. Pausing in one of the cramped alleyways, Captain Shore flicked his com-unit into place and gave the hand signal for his master vox operator to relay his signal back to base. “The daemons are everywhere. They’ve taken this part of the city entirely.”

The signal came to withdraw but Shore could see the closing blips on his auspex. “Negative. We’re surrounded with closing contacts on all sides. Overwhelming odds. There’s no way through.” He gritted his teeth and fired up his chainblade. “We’re just going to have to kill them all!”

His men grinned. In perfect unison they all checked their charge cartridges and fired up their illumination units so that they could tell, in the gloom, who was friend and who was about to die.

Then the alleyways in every direction crowded simultaneously with Bloodletters of Khorne.

The platoon squads took careful aim and eliminated the encroaching daemons. As charges ran low on their lasguns, the front men would step aside for their brothers to step forward. The daemons came closer and closer but as soon as it looked like they’d meet the lines the squads pulled back to another pre-prepared fire-point.

The Primaris Psyker attached to the platoon used his powerful mind to predict their new attack vectors and direct the fire before shattering the oncoming attacks with lightning.

Captain Shore shot bolt after bolt into the filthy daemonic flesh then cut into them with his chainblade as they got close.

But still the daemons came!

There was no way that the Mavericks could defeat them all. But defeat them they did. They kept up the firing discipline for seven straight hours, eliminating every single daemon that came their way and only losing seven men. The tight confines of the alleys had worked to their advantage – had given them the upper hand they needed.

All around them, the daemons lay dead.

The Escavar Mavericks were back!

“There’s no way through. We’re just going to have to kill them all!”
- Captain Shore of the Escavar Mavericks

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Eldar Are Here!

 A full background to the Eldar army on Valorx has now been posted in the Enemies of Valorax  section.

Here you can find out what drives the ruthless pointy-eared ones; where they are based and what resources they have; as well as who the principle characters are leading the force.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Battlefleet Gothic

For your reading pleasure, I have now posted full background to the Valorax contingent of the Imperial Navy on the Forces of Valorax page.

Check it out.