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Friday, 11 March 2011

Re-examining the Brood Nest

Apologies, I must have gotten confused when I was writing my previous blog about my Tyranid Brood Nest.

It turns out it was less scenery piece and more cat vomit.
And here is the culprit:
It’s actually what I found on my War Table when I got home from work yesterday. I think he was just trying to get involved with my various projects.
The funniest thing was that if you look at the “Brood Nest” there’s a fish shaped cat biscuit nestled in the front of it!
I must say, my friend Mike was sceptical. He described it as looking like “a pile of glue and s#!+, it doesn’t look like anything.”
I do actually have a few home made Brood Nests. I must remember to post some pictures.

Heh heh.

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  1. YUK!! Just started to have my lunch and i sat down to have a look at Conflict Valorax. Cat vom, i think i will leave my curry :(