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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Survivors in Escavar

Escavar Mavericks v Daemons of Khorne | Tim v Gill | Space Hulk | 43 | 095.997.M41

One month had passed since the Calamity of Escavar had wiped out almost all life in the ruins of the former capital city and now in the wake of the Daemon Storm, horrific daemons crawled through the shattered buildings, spreading corruption to everything they touched where once Tyranids had lurked and crawled.

In all that time there had been no sign of the Escavar Mavericks.

Until now.

How some had survived, no one outside the ruined city could know, but survive they did.

A platoon of Mavericks crept through the shattered buildings, assessing the strength of the daemonic infestation, conducting reconnaissance for the bulk of the force, still in hiding. Pausing in one of the cramped alleyways, Captain Shore flicked his com-unit into place and gave the hand signal for his master vox operator to relay his signal back to base. “The daemons are everywhere. They’ve taken this part of the city entirely.”

The signal came to withdraw but Shore could see the closing blips on his auspex. “Negative. We’re surrounded with closing contacts on all sides. Overwhelming odds. There’s no way through.” He gritted his teeth and fired up his chainblade. “We’re just going to have to kill them all!”

His men grinned. In perfect unison they all checked their charge cartridges and fired up their illumination units so that they could tell, in the gloom, who was friend and who was about to die.

Then the alleyways in every direction crowded simultaneously with Bloodletters of Khorne.

The platoon squads took careful aim and eliminated the encroaching daemons. As charges ran low on their lasguns, the front men would step aside for their brothers to step forward. The daemons came closer and closer but as soon as it looked like they’d meet the lines the squads pulled back to another pre-prepared fire-point.

The Primaris Psyker attached to the platoon used his powerful mind to predict their new attack vectors and direct the fire before shattering the oncoming attacks with lightning.

Captain Shore shot bolt after bolt into the filthy daemonic flesh then cut into them with his chainblade as they got close.

But still the daemons came!

There was no way that the Mavericks could defeat them all. But defeat them they did. They kept up the firing discipline for seven straight hours, eliminating every single daemon that came their way and only losing seven men. The tight confines of the alleys had worked to their advantage – had given them the upper hand they needed.

All around them, the daemons lay dead.

The Escavar Mavericks were back!

“There’s no way through. We’re just going to have to kill them all!”
- Captain Shore of the Escavar Mavericks

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