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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mission Briefing: Return to Lapitar

Erasmus Bachmann took stock of the present situation in his Battle Barge "The Litany of Jeopardy". The loss of his elite Terminators was slightly irksome, but there were plenty more available to take their place. What was more challenging was the large force of Tyrannids where none had been predicted and the psychic interference they created. The Chaos Sorcerer turned slightly to his "Comms" officer, or more accurately to the console incorporating what had once been his officer - Sub space message to Sorcerer-aspirant Damian Ergo, I have a little task for him. Erasmus allowed an almost invisible smile to crease his mouth, the use of another Sorcerer would certainly help against the alien psychic energies and if Ergo instead of he, became the primary target of the cursed Tyrannids then so much the better! 

In a sequel to The Lost Gate, the Dark Elite are going back into the jungle to find the second Pernicious Gate and take control of the daemons held within. The woods are infested with Tyranids but this time the Chaos Space marines know approximately where they’re going…

Board Layout

  • The board will be divided into six equal sections.
  • Each Chaos squad will roll 1d6 to see which section they deploy in.
  • Because they are fairly sure of the gates approximate location they will be allowed a single reroll for each squad. This will enable them to take full advantage of the bunkers and landing pad and also enable them to maximise the distance from the board edge to prevent first turn charges by the Tyranids.
  • The Tyranids will move first and enter play from the board edge. Each Tyranid squad will roll for which section it is to be deployed in.
Game Length
  • The game lasts for six turns or until the time limit is reached.
  • If an even number of player turns have been played half an hour before the time limit is reached the game will end without a new game turn being started.
Victory Conditions
  • Both sides are attempting to gain or maintain control of the jungle area. Victory is determined using the rules for Kill Points.

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