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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Spotlight On... Felix Wulf & Rex

Quite a few years ago I decided that I wanted to do something particularly different with my space marines. It took me some time to come up with the idea and a few years more to clean it up until it was presentable. Then a couple more years before it was a legal army. Take a look at the centrepiece model:

The Dinosus Second Battle Company was born with Space Marine Commander, Felix Wulf, and his faithful Tyrannosaur, Rex.

Here's Felix with he Quake Clubs. I used Ogre clubs on Terminator Power Fists. In the game they count as lightning claws if I take him off the base (he's on pins so he can fit on a normal base). I wanted the look of the diorama to be Felix running up this big plank thing while Rex looked round to see what was coming.

Rex was bought at a toy shop in Oxford. He cost over £18 but he was so much better than the bheap one I'd been using before I had to splurge out. That plume of his is made from a plastic flying stand and loads of tiny pointed strips of paper. The armour plates are made of thick cardboard bent into a curve. Believe it or not, he came with a fully posable mouth!

It was on this base that I pioneered the colour scheme that went on to be the colour of the bases in all my armies and on my war board: Overlapping patches of slack, scorched brown, bestial brown, bubonic brown and bleached bone. You'll notice there's razor wire round Rex's ankles. All the better to prevent those pesky assaults.

Click on the picture to make it bigger and take a close look at what's between his toes...

I used quite a few parts from different kits to add detail to these guys. I'm quite pleased with the cybernetic attachment on Rex's eye. That was the sensor from a Landspeeder.

Quick question for you: What's that red area near the bottom left there? It's meant to be a light but the number of people who haven't guessed that was a bit disappointing. Ah well, what can you do?

The only question remaining is how can this guy possibly fit into a Space Marine army...

Well, I used the rules for Chaos Space Marines for my feral Dinosus Battle Company. This guy counts as a Daemon Prince. Although to be honest the base is preposterously overszed and works against me tactically. And if I have Felix on foot using the rules for a Chaos Lord he's actually a better miniature to have and much harder to kill.

But hey! I didn't do it to be good in the game. Sometimes you have an idea and you just have to follow where it leads...


  1. Who cares about the rules? The idea of using that wonderful dinosaur miniature in the diorama/base is all that matters. No one can be indifferent to it.

  2. great work, I believe you could make Felix and his dinosaur Rex a joint allied squadron with the elder Exodite Dragon Nights, Exodite Lords and Space marines and this would be legit as far as i know with the Apocalypse game.
    if your not sure what the exodite dragon nights are they're background could be worked into the whole Valorax battle theme quiet easily for the Exodites and there 'Dragons' are from exodite worlds ( often far flung planets previously uninhabited and settled by 'passive or conformed' Eldar who whish to live a slightly less restrictive, regimented lifestyle and while they are considered more barbaric like the Saim Hann Elder faction they are the Eldar who saw the oncoming corruption and degradation of the the Eldar: due to there higher far sight into the future many left before triggering Slanesh and creating chaos( the eye of terror). They left there crafteworlds and early Eldar planets to escape the there proficized and foreseeable doom and well they diddn't like what had happened with their fellow elder and headed as far east - ( same area of the galaxy as the Volarax) - http://vampyric-saiyaness.deviantart.com/art/Eldar-Autarch-WIP-146556148
    There are Eldar Outcasts as well who may not necessarily be raiders yet choose not to live amongst craftworlds for they long for a less restictive, free lifestyle - however many do become lured by demons and predetors from the psychic voids of the warp and can become corupted and hostile.
    Elder Pirates are definately this kind of outcast for they generally form Pirate fleets and go from one galaxy to the next comiting raids, plundering planets and so forth - often visiting Exodite wolds and Maiden worlds/planets for supplies and recouperation from what I can see in the Volarax theme 'the iscalyth treaders are exactly these type of Eldar Pirates who in there very nature act out onslaughts and raid almost identical to that of the iscalyth sky treaders and there already exists at least one other character or Pirate Chieftan - Galadhar the Grey who is almost if not on par with Kirey Salttears and then theres Yriel who once was a Pirate Chieften to the Yriel Raider however worked more as a trader with humans and human outcasts never sinking as low as to murder and pilige - he eventually regturned to his original craftworld Iyanden.

    Hope this may help and heres an absolutely if not one of the best conversions of an Eldar Exodite Dragon Night and yeahh there not only low on point cost but are rather deadly troops too- http://vampyric-saiyaness.deviantart.com/art/Eldar-Autarch-WIP-146556148

  3. http://zlurpcast.com/JP/40k/Codex_Eldar_Exodites.pdf - heres is a codex for Exodites and there army
    incuding Dinosaur/dragon rules

    1. Wow! I've never had such a thorough comment before thank you - and from someone who has obviouly taken time to read (and I hope enjoy) the background I've published so far.

      Thanks a lot. I knew about Eldar Exodites. I'm part of the group of people who hope for some models and a codex one day. I have an Eldar army and really must paint the new units I've bought and get it out on the battlefield.

      And also you've inspired me to get posting again. I have a backlog of battle reports to do with a whole bunch of pictures. And I have a Grey Knights/Space Marines cityfight coming up too.

      Your picture links didn't work for me but the codex is cool. I've saved it to have a look through when I get the chance. I like all the dinosaur rules. Thank you!