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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Army Showcase: Tyranids!!!!

They're voracious predators.

They're intergalactic killers.

And they're mine.

Shall we start with my Hive Tyrant?

And Carnifex:


These lovely Forge World Meiotic Spore Sacks I painted the other day: 

The always delightful Ripper Swarms (including some of the Forge World ones). Notice I put more than usual on the normal bases to tie them into the Forge World swarms. 


I nice blast from the past in the form of a dismembered original Zoenthrope. I used cut up Termagant spare parts to connect his limb sockets so they looked logical and now I love this guy!!! 

Here's his identical twin brother. 

And what army would be complete without a Trygon Prime??? 

The Broodlord having a nice morning stretch...

The Yellow (ahem) terror. This guy, the original Red Terror, has been marginalised in the latest army list but I use him as A Tyranid Prime which fits quite well. 


And their slightly older cousins. 

This beauty is a Carnifex in my book but is actually a conversion from a non-GW model I can't remember the source of now. 

Speaking of conversions. How do you like my version of the humble Spore Mine? 

Heh heh. This Biovore dude is kind of funny. 

A Lictor (that I've never liked the pose of). 

And some of my favourite 40k models: Tyranid Warriors. 

And how about these Brood Nests, that I actually prefer to the official Forge World ones. 

These weren't made from cat vomit.

And the lovely Forge World Capillary Towers.

You'll have to wait for the Spore Chimney (I haven't finished painting it yet).

You can't buy them anymore but they are some of the nicest pieces EVER made! 

And that's all folks!!!


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  2. What do you mean by affiliate?