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Monday, 9 April 2012

Army Showcase: Jungle Men of Lapitar!

With a flurry of new 40k projects on the boil, allow me to introduce my finally completed Jungle Fighter army.

These are the Jungle Men of Lapitar!

These are my command squads. 

My Infantry squads.


My Target Assassin (using rules fro Sly Marbo).

My Sentinels.

Check out the walking pose of this Armoured Sentinel.

My Storm Troopers have milliput berets and Forge World Grav Shutes, and special weapons that look suspiciously like they've been trafficking with the Tau for technology.

And finally my lovely Valkyries. Though I added on the Forge World twin-linked lascannons to upgrade them to Vendettas (and who wouldn't???)


  1. Very nice looking force sir.

  2. Great stuff! That's one of the best looking armies using the Catachan line that I've seen. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks. I wanted to go with browns and creams to get them away from the usual greens and to give them a palette link to my Cadian Imperial Guard.