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Friday, 31 December 2010

Spotlight On... Before the Push

The manager of my local Games Workshop store told me they were running a unit painting competition. I was never one for competitions really but I thought, what the heck! I had just bought the new Tyranid Trygon and thought I'd do that for the competition. But bad luck, the entry had to be a unit of infantry!

Deciding to do something special - the best I possibly could do - I ordered a unit of Forge World Death Korps of Krieg models standing at ease and Before the Push was born!

The idea here (hopefully obviously) is that the infantrymen are getting a last minute pep talk from their commissar before climbing out of their trench going over the top.

The punch line to the story is that they cancelled the infantry painting competition and replaced it with a Trygon painting competition.

I had to wait for the better part of a year before they ran another infantry competition and handed it in to win first prize!

Ah the glory! Would that there had been more than one entry in my category!

The diorama has been on display in the local GW since April and now, finally, I’ve got it home to where it belongs.

The bulk of the diorama is made out of insulation foam covered in multi-purpose filler. I used GW razorwire, a GW ladder and barrels & petrol cans from a military model shop. The metal braces holding back the trench wall are actually fabric that I got from The Range.

1 comment:

  1. Well done, my friend! The diorama is amazing!
    Beautiful miniatures and quite a dramatic scene. The first prize was spot on!