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Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Fully Furnished Zone Mortalis!

I think I just had a wargasm.

Welcome to my fully furnished Forge World Zone Mortalis, all thanks to Newbury Colours wargame festival, Antenocitis Workshop, another company I can't remember the name of and a small lot of cash.

I'm going to blog about each of these rooms sets individually at some point and look at them in more detail. For now, let's have a super fast tour.

This first room is the command centre. We have the map viewer thingy, the strategy table thingy...

A couple of desks with holo screens (manned by Adeptus Mechanicus from Micro Art Studio). And what's that at the back?

It's a command chair! Complete with holo screens!

The screens on the walls are also  from Antenocitis, held in place by a super strong magnet inside the wall.

Store room full of crates...

Little robot-controlled buggies for carrying round stuff. These are from the other company I can't remember.

 A bunch of machinery items...

And then there's the finally complete Medi-Bay! 

You can see the diagnostic couch with holo displays, another screen for the wall and cryo tubes too! 

This is exhausting! I need a rest!

In the Rec Room! 

I really need a pool table and a juke box - maybe a vending machine. Anyone know of where I can get them? 

And that's it for now.

I'm half way though a game at the moment on this lovely board - Sqiats and Adeptus Mechanicus versus Tau. The furniture adds so much to it! I'm hoping Forge World will bring out some furnishings at some point - and bring back that dissection table!

Till then... stay tuned for more pictures in future.


  1. Too, too awesome. Where are the towels for my drool!

    1. Heh. Thanks buddy.

      The funny thing is that I’ve spent so many months building up to it, playing, painting, buying, imagining, building… I’m kind of sick of the sight of it!

      Though I do appreciate the irony of that.

    2. Happy to take it off your hands just to spare you further pain you understand.

    3. Heh. Nice try!

      Actually, it’s worth mentioning that I’ve found two sets (eight tiles) more than adequate for my first game. An extra set or two can only add to the experience though!

  2. "These are from the other company I can't remember." Classic! :)

    The other company is called Ainsty Castings:



  3. Hey! Kinda late to the party, but this look amazing! And those holo screens on the command chair look great. I tried looking on Atenocities for the table and command console but couldn't find them. But like I said great work.

    1. Thanks! This is a nice little set that I hope to expand at some point (though I'm into Warmachine at the moment). These should still be available. Try emailing Atenocities. They will probably point you in the right direction.

  4. That is a glorious job, man! I am equally impressed and inspired. Starship interiors are the coolest things ever.

    1. You are exactly right. They are amazingly cool and inspiring!

      And I will be getting the next expansion set to this soon so we'll see what happens when it starts to get to a good playable-onable size.

  5. Awesome work! Really great to see some furnished indoors 40K terrain.