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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spotlight On: Adeptus Mechanicus Thunderfire Battery

Now that I’m building my Squat/Adeptus Mechanicus force with more of a cohesive eye (and a better colour scheme) I thought it was time to update my Thunderfire Batter! 

The models are stripped down versions of models from Robogear and the rules I’m using are from the Tempus Fugitives Adeptus Mechanicus codex, however I’ve added Squats to the unit instead of Ballisterai. Because they are a bit better, I upped the points by twenty as well.

They were awesome in the game I played them in already so I’m looking forward to using them again. 

I’m putting all the Squats against the Zone Mortalis backdrop because that’s going to be the setting of their first proper game. Sadly that’s going to force me not to use the larger vehicles.

I’m flagging a bit on getting ready for this game actually. Maybe I’ll do some Chaos Space Marine games first. We’ll see…

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