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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Zone Mortalis Doors!

(Evil laughter)

My Forge World Zone Mortalis is really starting to come together now that I have bought and painted two sets of doors!

I went for subdued greens and a dull bronze for the eagle to match the dark and brooding look I am aiming for and they really add a lot to it.

Suddenly rooms start developing and you can see how much doors blocking egress will add to play.

I still really need at least one more set of the Zone before I can have a proper game and another set or more of doors but I'm thinking of having a little mini game once I've done my furniture and painted up some of my Mantic Squats.

I've been buying up mini scenery pieces to put inside the Zone at war game conventions (most recently at the Colours event in Newbury) and my next project is to complete all the furniture I've got to create much more realistic interiors. The zone is great on its own but needs some interior detail really. I just wish Forge World would release some stuff to go in it (though there's no sign of any on the way).

Here are the first two pieces of furnishings - a pair of cryopods. They're lovely but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more additions over the coming days.

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