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Monday, 17 September 2012

On the Painting Table: Squats!

The Squats are here!

I had no intention of buying these little guys at first but they niggled away at me and I subconsciously started trying to come up with reasons to fit them into my campaign.

Then it hit me.

These little dudes are going to be the militant arm of my Adeptus Mechanicus force!

More on that in future but for now, let's look at the models.

Obviously these aren't Squats from Games Workshop (sigh). They're Mantic Forge Fathers!

I love Mantic Chaos Dwarfs as you may know and I've also grown to love these little blighters.

The poses and options are a little bit limited but they are cool and they're nicely sized compared to a "normal" 40k human.

The weapon options are a tad limited for me because I bought a lot of the earlier sets that didn't have the tactical upgrades. As a result I have loads of basic troopers and only a few upgrades. I may have to get very sneaky when it comes to that... in time.

For now I'm happy. I'm liking the colour scheme I deliberated over for weeks and I'm building towards my first small game battling over my soon-to-be fully furnished Zone Mortalis.

I'll reveal more as I paint them but we haven't seen the back of the Squats.

Heh heh.

See what I did there?

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  1. Nice - those turned out looking sharp. I really dig the color scheme. Keep up the great work!