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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Trip to the Big City!

I am cooking with gas when it comes to 40k right now.

Inspired by my recent game with my wife the other day, I decided to build a whole bunch of new buildings for my war board.

I've had quite a lot of 40k buildings for years but not enough to cover my eight foot board and have had to make do with a bunch of homemade medieval buildings that didn't allow models inside them. As this was bugging me I decided to push it a little further:

Now I can get a little single minded so one building wasn't enough for me.

I decided to do TWELVE new buildings. 

Here's the first one.

It's a temple using the old GW ruins that came with 3rd edition 40k. Now I count this as four of my twelve because although it makes a nice big building it can also be split  up into four smaller ones.

I added cake pillars to the base to make it look more like a ruined church and painted the rocks on the base to match in. The trick with the The statue and aquilla from the Honoured Imperium set add a little something but they can be removed if they bug me. 

Now this building is good but its weakness is that it's a little too striking. I wonder if it'll bug me long term having it in every game. I like my buildings to be slightly more generic where possible.

My next big four part building was this one:

Again, I built it to be split-downable, using Ork obstacles to suggest walls, especially for when they're split up into separate buildings. You'll notice the aim of the game here was to maximise the surface area of the buildings to fill the war board, rather than building tall, but smaller buildings. I'll be focusing on that next.

The main lesson I've learned with my buildings is to build them all on the same sized footprint, each one having a little edge round it to suggest a pavement. This way, the buildings fit together to form roads VERY easily in any direction but also look good standing alone.

The next part of my project was to get my bastions to look good in a town setting. They already look good in a countryside game but without a base they look wrong in a town. So I built flat foamboard bases for each one that I could add a bastion and obstacles to to make it look like it's a proper building - maybe a little guardhouse or something...?

I'm not entirely happy with how they've come together but I'm planning to add a streetlight or two which should make a big difference. I tell you what would add something, thinking now: how about a vehicle parked off-road? That would be cool.

Man, this is a long blog.

(Deep breath).

Next I produced the Shrine of the Aquila. This is a lovely big building that adds some much needed height. Height is something my town doesn't have enough of yet. To make it look interesting it has to go in all three dimensions. I'm planning to rectify that soon but in the meantime this helps.

Now I was originally planning to include this kit in the temple above but I realised it was going to get too big. Wanting to keep my buildings on the same size footprint I was forced to build it in this conventional way. I'm still pretty happy though. It is cool.

And here, finally is my third "building" that I wanted to transplant into the town: a homemade bunker that I constructed from foamboard and balsa wood. Again, it's a nice piece but looked odd in my town. Now though it fits in a lot better and can still be removed for a more rustic setting. I'll add a streetlight to this as well when I get round to it to make it look more real.

The gun on the top, by the way, is the Forge World gun emplacement thingy that no longer seems to be available.

Annoyingly, the practically free quad gun in Planetstrike is ironically better than this expensive model because it's twin-linked. This one looks a lot better though. 


  1. Gorgeous looking table! I'm a huge fan of urban themed tables, and have been considering doing a number of smaller building corners that can be put together into one larger building as you have done. Great work!

    Out of curiousity, what is it that you're using for the ground that's covering the actual table? It's an interesting texture and I don't recognize what it may be...

  2. Thank you!

    The surface is actually an enormous piece of towelling I got from a fabric shop, dyed black then painted using the same colours I use for my bases.

    It's soft to lean on (unlike sand) and suits pretty much anything, looking different depending on the context.

    Maybe I'll do a post about how sometime.

  3. man, this terrain is awesome!! I will be using it for inspiration for sure.

  4. im currently building an urban board and this stuff looks awesome, especially liking the use of the old 3rd edition ruins

    AWESOME job.

  5. Love the modular terrain, very clever and interesting to include the internal walls which is something I rarely do and you don't see that often. It works though for when you separate the pieces out. For the bastions street lights and a parked vehicle would be cool but you could contextualize them a little easier with street markings or painted parking bays. This would elevate it beyond an isolated bunker to something within a city environment.

    If you get chance please do a 'how to' on your terrain mat. I was confinced it was a Zuzzy battlemat but I'm intrigued now I know it's towelling as it sounds so simple and cheap. I wonder if I could do a 'red planet' one?

    1. Thanks. I have considered the parked vehicles and am half way to doing the street lamps so I guess great minds think alike!

      Here's a tutorial that includes how I did the "War Blanket."