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Saturday, 19 February 2011

On Dark Wings

Dark Eldar v Necrons | Tim v Rob | 40k | 45 | 101.997.M41

One faction had yet to appear in the Valorax Crucible but they had long been watching the planet.

As always, their agenda was multi-faceted and yet to be revealed but the first target of that mission was based in the ruined town of Frostgate, not far from the Freeze and close to the Necron Tomb Complex.

Too close to the Necron Tomb Complex.

As the Dark Eldar moved through the frozen city their sharp senses detected dozens of metallic footsteps echoing amongst the ruins along with the fizz of gauss weaponry.

They fanned out immediately, readying their splinter weapons. They had hoped to avoid contact of this nature but they were ready for it nonetheless.

The Necrons came into view and the Dark Eldar took up position in cover, shooting through windows and cracks in the masonry. The Necrons were completely undeterred. Their objective was to cleanse the area of all resistance. They did not even use what available cover there was. To them, the victory was already determined, calculated to encompass all possible variables.

Except they hadn’t taken into account the wild card nature of Dark Eldar tactical acumen.

The Dark Eldar gave fire, redeployed and gave fire again. The silver warriors did their best to fight back but they lacked the speed to deal with the subtle feints and withdrawals.

In less than an hour, every Necron warrior was a sparking ruin and barely half a dozen Dark Eldar warriors had been injured. The dark ones held the battlefield and that left them free to pursue that agenda.

They moved off through the ruins, leaving the broken metallic shells behind them, leaving no clue to the real reason for their presence there.

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  1. Not sure if the Dark Eldar did win! A bit of foul play going on with this story i think.

    Necron Rob :)