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Friday, 4 March 2011

Mission Briefing: Covert Arms Build Up

Shas’o Shi, commander of the Tau Montyr’nan Contingent, came out of his meditation feeling irritable. Aun Ko, his Ethereal master, insisted that all Tau enter this state of peace before coming to battle but he was a fire warrior and peace jibed against his lust for war making. He checked the scanner readings one final time and summoned his Shas’els. This was a short and simple mission and he wanted it completed rapidly.

To all observation, the Manufactorum, though sprawling, was largely derelict. The carpet bombing the foolish humans had done to eliminate the Tyranid invaders had left it almost completely ruined. But scanning indicated there were still significant areas underground that remained intact. As yet the humans had not taken advantage of this resource and the Tau wished to remove this possibility.

Their mission was to destroy the complex before Valorax forces could get it going again.

The demolition party went ahead – only a small force was required – and entered the ruined upper complex. But the complex wasn’t wholly deserted as scans had indicated. Worse, their readings showed that some kind of dampening field was in effect, preventing readings being made from outside.

Something was going on here that was top secret. The Tau had stumbled into far more than they had bargained for! As they skulked forward it became clear that the Adeptus Mechanicus were building their forces for war. The entire complex was given covertly over to amassing an army.

Suddenly the Tau demolition teams realised they were in way over their heads.

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Board Layout

The board is set up in a city fight configuration.


The game is played at 1,500 points: Tau versus Adeptus Mechanicus. Only two troop choices are deployed initially from each side. The rest of the armies enter play as reserves as they are called in to assist.

Deployment & First Turn

The Adeptus Mechanicus deploy first no closer than 12” to the centre line. The Tau deploy second, no closer than 12” to the centre line.

The Adeptus Mechanicus have the first turn unless the Tau successfully seize the initiative.

Game Length

The game lasts for six turns or until the time limit is reached.

If an even number of player turns have been played half an hour before the time limit is reached the game will end without a new game turn being started.

Victory Conditions

Kill Points are used to determine victory.

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