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Friday, 1 June 2012

On the Painting Table: Grey Knights Dreadknight

Man! I painted this dude ages ago but realised yesterday that I hadn’t put him on my blog!!!!

This is one of those truly cool models that have to be bought. Though I was determined to have an unusual pose (rather than the normal arms symmetrically out). After deciding to make him a gun platform primarily I went for a firing stance. 

I’m not a huge helmet-off kind of guy with my Little Men.

Nuff said on that subject.

It really is a towering model and lovely for a centre piece. I’m determined to finish my Grey Knights now and don’t have too many left to paint.

I followed my usual rule with this model:

Use at least three shades of colour on each part of the model (including the base!).

That seems to serve me pretty well. 


  1. Love it! Great work dude, love reading the blog!

  2. Thank you! I love writing it!

    (Must write more regularly)

  3. Simple and yet super effective paint job! Great model (and I'm not even a 40K fan!).