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Saturday, 7 April 2012

On the Painting Table: Tyranid Mieotic Spore Sacks

Boy oh boy, do I love these models!?!?

They're the Mieotic Spore Sacks from Forge World and one of my favourite models EVER!

My friend Joao doesn't like them, but then he does like this model.

GW paint names are a bit redundant now, but basically, I used a Yellow base paint, shaded with a brown wash and highlighted with three progressive yellows.

The greens were three different greens, dark to light, with a  gloss finish.

In the game, these babies deploy individually from Deep Strike, landing anywhere on the board then moving randomly. If they touch an enemy unit, they blow up, releasing more normal Spore mines  from within.

As such, they're as useful for the psychological impact as much as any actual effect they might have. 

Aren't they lovely!!!


  1. They're so lovely! Hey, what's wrong with me liking weird goblins? They're still better-looking than repulsive sacks!