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Friday, 25 February 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON... The Covert Obliterator

Part of my Space marine Deinosus army, the Covert Obliterator is a medium dispersal scout unit comprised of a bipedal xenoform mounted with a stable firing platform, manned by a single Hunter. The platform is equipped with a wide range of heavy and special weaponry capable of dealing with any target that presents itself. Each weapon is mounted on an easy-access rail so that the Hunter can switch between them as the need arises.
Ranging ahead of the rest of the army, the Covert Obliterator scouts out enemy positions and troop movements, communicating details back to his direct command.
Once a suitable ambush strike point is established, the Covert Obliterator goes to ground, maintaining camouflage until needed. The unit is equipped for lone field status for long periods and will wait until it is tactically advantageous to reveal itself.
Game Rules
The idea here was to have a Space Marine dinosaur model to function in the game as a Chaos Space Marine Obliterator. An Obliterator deep strikes, represented here by the Covert Obliterator lying in ambush until the time is right to strike. And they can change their bodies to produce one of a wide variety of special and heavy weapons. The idea here was to give him a rack of different weapons that he can swing up into position as the need arises. When he’s done with one it drops back down out of position.

Making the Model
This model was a work of love that used up such a large stock from my bitz box that although I’d love to make a couple more I am reluctant to. Maybe one day I will.
He has armour plates made from thick cardboard bent over. The bracket holding the Hunter model in place is part of an Imperial Guard dozer blade. The wires and tubes were real wire from an electrical shop. There’s also an Imperial Guard radio and a petrol can (most likely filled with gruel).

A lone deep striking Obliterator is always a tricky model to use well. There’s a propensity with deep strikers to land close to the enemy but this is sometimes a bad idea, especially for this model.
Like with the Raptor Riders, the thing is to hold him back while assessing where he is needed most. Here’s the best tip: Decide what your priority targets are then deep strike him so that he is close to maximum range on his required weapon. That way, hopefully, you can shoot what you need to shoot while limiting return fire.

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