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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mechlock in Flames: Part Two - Rage at the Inner Circle

Imperial Guard v Orks | Gill v Tim | 40k | 66 | 110.997.M41 

And the Orks fell upon the inner circle of defences of Mechlock Base: a roaring, chopping horde or monstrous death.

Carried in towering and smoking tanks and borne on the backs of gargantuan alien gorillas, the horde stomped closer to the inner defence line.

But the Valorax Guard stationed there had gained plenty of set up time. They had established site lines and dug fully in, preparing ammunition and spotting distances. They were prepared now as they hadn't been before.

The outer defences had been the testing ground, the battles fought there now revealed for what they really were: delaying actions.

With perfect precision, each of the transport vehicles was eliminated in turn, stranding the infantry in the open and pinning them in the wreckage. Artillery pounded down and lasguns flayed green flesh from bone in the killing gorund the wrecks had made.

But still the survivors shambled on, roaring defiance.

It didn't matter.

By the time the Ork forces had reached the Inner Circle, they were so depleted that all they did damage out of proportion with their numbers, they were cut down in return by overwhelming fire.

The attack on Mechlock Base had been stalled.

Unless the greenskins had something truly terrible in reserve then the attack on Mechlock had been completely defeated.

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